Stuart Pilkington has been named Head of House on Big Brother after winning a chilli-eating challenge.

The task - to determine which housemate will become Head of House and who will live in 'Heaven' and 'Hell' this week - saw the housemates given five minutes to eat as many chillies as possible, with the chillies ranked in terms of spiciness.

Mohamed took the challenge dramatically, simultaneously stamping his feet and chewing while panting and screaming.

He shouted: "I'm done, I'm done" and poured milk and yoghurt over his face.

And when his five minutes had concluded, he ran out of the diary Room, threw a pint of milk over his face, took off his clothes and had a shower in the garden, still screaming

Luke Marsden, Dale Howard and Stuart looked with bemusement at Mohamed's display, with Dale commenting: "He's a buffoon… how the hell did he end up staying in the house?"

However, after managing to eat most of the chillies with ease, property developer Stuart was named Head of House having amassed 34 points in the challenge.

Mikey Hughes, Mohamed and Rex Newmark were the three runners up, and thus earned their place in the 'Heaven' divide of the house.

"I don't want to be head of house, I just wanted to win a challenge," Stuart joked after his win.

Stuart and his 'Heaven' compatriots were rewarded with a pamper hamper, consisting of champagne, dressing gowns and spa treatments.

The foursome sang along to Meat Loaf's I Would Do Anything For Love, with Stuart telling Mikey, Mohamed and Rex that that they were part of the new "gents' club".

27/07/2008 22:01:01