Big Brother 9 housemate Rex Newmark appears determined to upset his fellow housemates after spending the shopping budget on special tokens.

The 24-year-old chef - who faces nomination with eight other contestants this week - had joked about using the shopping money to buy the luxury tokens, adding: "F*** the budget."

He told Mikey Hughes he was unconcerned about other housemates' perceptions of him and went on to spend the budget on tea bags, custard creams and 57 Big Brother 'Ever Changing Special Prizes'.

"It will be like a slap in the face for each housemate," he added.

Among the 'Ever Changing Special Prizes' chosen by Rex were ham, spam, jam, babycham, a pram and a record token for a song by Wham.

The haul also included custard powder, talcum powder, milk powder, egg powder and clam chowder.

There were also two special vouchers and a photo of suspect number six from Tuesday's identity parade, whom Lisa Appleton and Luke Marsden had incorrectly identified as Rex's girlfriend.

But while some housemates reacted gleefully to the strange collection of shopping, Lisa and Luke were left wishing for Rex's departure after he harangued them about failing to identify his girlfriend.

"My girlfriend is so much better looking [than number six],"" he shouted at Luke. "Are you out of your mind?"

Speaking to Lisa later, Luke argued that the girl in the photograph in question is more attractive than Rex's girlfriend.

Lisa concurred with Luke and said she thought Rex should leave the house and see his girlfriend as he is talking about her to an irritating extent.

01/08/2008 22:01:01