Big Brother 9 contestant Rex Newmark has continued to be forthright about his fellow housemates' audition tapes.

After he and the other three contestants on the 'Heaven' side of the house - Stuart Pilkington, Mikey Hughes and Mohamed Mohamed - were shown the housemates' audition videos, Rex wasted no time in telling Dale Howard he came across poorly in his tape and accused Maysoon Shaladi of being a liar.

He reserved his harshest abuse for Rachel Rice, calling her "the most boring housemate ever" and saying he had no respect for the Welsh contestant.

Rachel attempted to put a brave face on Rex's attack, saying: "I'm not going to let anything get on top of me or upset me."

She added: "He hates me, he's always hated me. I'm a lot stronger than people think I am in here."

But Rex, 24, appeared not to have finished upsetting the house, telling Kathreya Kasisopa she "looked very big" on her tape.

Speaking in the nominations pod - in which the 'Heaven' housemates are permitted to discuss nominations - Rex said that Dale's audition tape was reason alone to put the trainee teacher up for eviction.

Luke Marsden also came under fire from the chef, with Rex commenting: "His personality is nowhere near as good, nowhere near as entertaining as when Rebecca [Shiner] was here."

And while talking to Maysoon and Sara Foladi in the garden, he told Maysoon she had appeared "slutty" in her video.

When she denied this, he retorted: "It doesn't matter what you did, it's how they portrayed you."

He then told Lisa [Appleton] that she looked like she had just got out of bed with the clothes she was wearing in her video and criticised Luke for being miserable.

Rex is one of nine housemates up for eviction this week, after seven broke rules about discussing nominations.

Dale and Luke will face the public vote on Friday having been nominated by their fellow housemates.

But seven other housemates - Stuart, Darnell Swallow, Rex, Mohamed, Rachel, Maysoon and Kathreya - also face eviction after breaking the rules regarding public discussion of nominations.

30/07/2008 08:18:07