Problems have continued between Big Brother 9 housemates Rex and Nicole, with the latter growing isolated from her boyfriend.

While Rex may have been expected to be happy to be reunited with his girlfriend on the Channel 4 reality show, the pair have frequently argued in the house.

Nicole, 19, has already expressed her concern that her stay on the show may have "ruined my whole lie" and left her forever known as "Rex's girlfriend from Big Brother".

And the lack of harmony between the couple has now been noticed by other contestants, with Mikey and Lisa agreeing that Rex, 24, is overly controlling of his younger girlfriend.

"He doesn't trust her," Mikey added. "They'll never be happy."

Speaking in the diary room that evening, Nicole burst into tears at the thought of being only known as Rex's other half and explained that she had stuck by Rex despite hearing he may have cheated on her, and wished she could talk to him about it.

However, Rex's attempts to discover the source of his girlfriend's unhappiness were brushed off as she repeatedly asked him to leave her alone.

She later cried on Kathreya's shoulder, claiming that people don't understand what it's like for her in the house.

As Nicole's tears continued, Kathreya attempted to persuade Rex to go and see Nicole only for him to reply that it was 'not a good idea'.

He added that he had had too much to drink and would not be able to hold his tongue.

18/08/2008 23:06:01