Rachel Rice has risked a Big Brother backlash by breaking house rules while installed as 'Head of House'.

Despite holding the position of control on the Channel 4 reality show, the Welsh contestant has continued to help out her fellow housemates by washing the dishes after the group has eaten.

She was called to the diary room, where Big Brother asked the trainee teacher if she thought it appropriate for the 'Head of House' to be washing dishes.

When Rachel replied in the affirmative, she was warned that continuing to clean was "at your peril", with Big Brother adding: "Are you sure you want to take the risk?"

A confused Rachel replied: "I don't like you anymore."

The dishwashing row was briefly forgotten after the 24-year-old was called back to diary room to be told that as the housemates had run out of cigarette lighters and were using "unorthodox means" to light cigarettes, she must use the provided "lighter belt" to aid them.

Though she protested that wearing the belt made her look like the "dog of the house", Rex Newmark joked: "At least Rachel gets included in things now."

But later it emerged that Big Brother's warning had not affected Rachel as she announced that the group would all join in on doing the dishes.

When the housemates in the 'Heaven' group complained, telling Rachel she had been warned not to, she claimed it was unfair to make the 'Hell' group shoulder the burden.

"Yeah but you are not f***ing Gandhi, are you?" asked Dale Howard, while Rex added: "Rachel you are a rubbish 'Head of House', why don't you just give it to someone else?"

She rushed to the diary room and explained: "They won't listen to me Big Brother... they are annoyed at me, if looks could kill... "

She added: "It's not just dishes, it's people suffering."

Finally the Welsh contestant decided she would do the dishes "at my own risk".

"I'm going to do it. Oh my gosh, I'm so scared" she continued.

05/08/2008 23:06:01