The three contestants facing eviction from Big Brother 9 have reacted to their nominations in varied ways.

Nicole, Sara and Lisa all face the public vote this week with the two younger housemates having amassed five nominations each while sales representative Lisa was nominated by four fellow contestants.

Lisa reacted pragmatically to hearing of her possible eviction from the Channel 4 reality show, shouting: "The girlies are up!" after Big Brother's announcement.

Australian contestant Sara was also sanguine, commenting: "I'm ready to go."

However, Nicole and boyfriend Rex - whose fights have dominated the house in recent weeks - were angered by the former's nomination, with Rex describing the other contestants as "f*****s".

The pair then marched to the diary room to complain about Nicole's nomination, with the student remarking: "There's f**king idiots in this house" as they waited to enter.

Speaking to Big Brother, Rex, 24, said he is "a little bit p****d off" that Nicole is up for eviction while she added that she wants to go home and can not be bothered to stay in the house.

Sara, 27, had reacted well to her nomination but later admitted to nerves about possibly leaving the show.

"I'm not an original, I'm not British," she commented.

"I'm probably irritating, I'm too loud… I can see how I must be irritating to other people."

She added: "If people don't like me and I come out I'm just going to have to deal with it, and don't get me wrong, I'm so scared but I'll just try and smile."

Meanwhile, the housemates were asked to learn the dance routine from Michael Jackson's Thriller for this week's shopping task.

Head of House Rex provoked controversy by granting Nicole the Michael Jackson role while the housemates' fears about Mikey's ability to perform the dance, given his blindness, upset the Scot.

"This is the kind of thing that I have faced over the last ten years since I lost my sight," he told Big Brother.

"I want to get in there, and muck in there and it's kind of their attitudes that are stopping me.

"I'm doing that task whether they like it or not. I don't want to be the poor blind sod that's not taking part".

20/08/2008 22:01:01