Celebrity Big Brother has said goodbye to its first evictee.

Loud mouth Jackiey Budden was voted off in a surprise eviction last night and was unceremoniously booted from the house with no warning.

She had been up against her daughter Jade Goody, Jade's boyfriend Jack Tweedy, Jermaine Jackson and Shilpa Shetty.

No Doubt viewers who have been less than enamoured with Jade's mum could only snigger as she left the diary room barefoot and with her top tucked into her bra due to carpet burns from being dragged around by Ian "H" Watkins earlier on in the day.

Speaking to presenter Davina McCall after the eviction, she said that she had found most of the housemates to be "pukka" but admitted that Bollywood star Shilpa had been "jarring me big time".

Back in the house a tearful Jade could only wonder how her mum would be treated by the public.

"My mum does come across as really cocky and confident but she is so vulnerable," she sniffed to the housemates, adding that she feared her mum would be "hated" as she was when she left the house in 2002.

Although Ian said that he was "gutted" and Danielle Lloyd thought she was "the funniest person in the house", not everyone seemed to feel the same way.

Feeling relieved that the first of the Jade Goody clan had gone, Dirk Benedict admitted he thought she was a "vicious, mean-spirited person" and Carole Malone added that "[she's] not all there".

Whatever happens next in the house, it is sure to be more peaceful from now on.

11/01/2007 10:03:17