The Big Brother contestants have won their latest task and will receive a large shopping budget.

As part of this week's challenge, the female housemates were dressed as superheroes and made to rescue the men from the Cougar's Lair.

Even though Ife failed her part in the task, the girls were given another go at saving the remaining men, Andrew and David.

Big Brother announced: "Big Brother is now free of the cougar's powers and apologises for being so weak willed under her powers."

The girls were then told to line up in front of the lair and stand with their hands on their hips and stare as "intensely as you can."

While some were able to keep a straight face, Josie said: "Look how good you lot look, I look like a Viking."

The girls managed to complete their task, winning £500 to spend on food shopping this week and allowing Andrew and David to join the rest of the group.

Meanwhile the housemates have been set another task by Bob Righter about the house's mysterious bird - Davina McCaw.

In the early hours of this morning, Bob told the contestants: "My feathered friend listens to all that is said. She'll pipe between wake up and bed. In between squawks, whistles and tweeting, which housemate's words is she repeating? Put a coin in my slot and see who is talking, win a prize if you're right, nothing if not."

The bird said nothing in front of the housemates but Mario told the rest of the group he would "sit at her side" all day to hear the message.

Corin, Ife and Mario all face eviction during tonight's show.