Four more men are getting ready to enter the Big Brother house tonight, while SHABNAM is tipped as the most likely to leave.

Faced with falling viewer figures, Channel 4 bosses have had to roll the dice and reveal its latest trick early, having already planned to introduce the men once rival show Britain's Got Talent and The Apprentice had both finished, with ITV1's talent show ending on Sunday.

BB ratings hit a record low on Wednesday when just 2.1 million viewers watched the show, with many tuning in to The Apprentice final on BBC1.

A source said: "It was decided not to risk wasting such a big twist on a night when there might not be a big audience." But this decision was swiftly altered to allow the men in tonight.

Four men, including a Millionaire and a wrestling model, are expected to join the house tonight following the eviction of either Shabnam, TRACEY or CAROLE, with Shabnam the clear favourite for the boot with bookies.

The self-obsessed oddball was put up for eviction due to her continually talking about being famous and what she will do after the show.

However, media reports claim there is virtually no interest at all in buying her "story" if she leaves tonight.

15/06/2007 10:21:33