The male contestants have been left unimpressed with the girls' attempts to grab their attention in 'Big Brother'.

After enjoying a 'ladies night' with white wine provided by Big Brother, the female housemates dressed up in provocative outfits for the boys' benefit.

However as Corin and Josie appeared in identical get-ups, Ben and Andrew admitted they were far from thrilled by the results.

Andrew commented: "Their builds are a bit mismatched."

Ben agreed: "Yes, one could fit into the other one!"

The posh Londoner claimed the female contestants looked like a hen party he would be pleased to see the back of.

He said: "This reminds me of when you're out and see a hen party... and just want them all to die...

"It's when they start burping and farting and downing pints of lager. You just think, why would somebody want to marry that?"

John James and Dave were equally underwhelmed with Rachel, Laura and Jo's provocative outfits.

Despite wolf whistling at the scantily-clad trio, John James commented: "Imagine the cameras panning to them, and then to us... you can hear the tumbleweed."

Dave replied: "About now, they're wondering why they've made all that effort. The penny will be dropping now."

The girls had earlier attempted to get a third bottle of wine from Mario by offering an exchange of goods.

Rachel suggested a wet T-shirt competition, Josie put forward the idea of massages, and Laura offered a kiss on the cheek.