Diplomatic relations in the Big Brother house hit another low today as the Rex-Mohamed cider crisis continues to spiral out of control.

The pair have been at each other's throats for several days now after two of Rex's cans were accidentally drunk by housemates thinking they were Mohamed's. Mohamed had given permission for them to drink his cider.

Rex responded at the time by calling Mohamed "greedy" and has now jumped at the chance to seize his rival's alcohol.

Mohamed, serving time in jail for discussing nominations with Kathreya, was powerless to stop Rex taking unilateral action in seizing his cider cans.

The threats did not materialise, however, perhaps because of Mohamed's pledge to "protect" his cans. Rachel found herself forced into a mediating role but quickly wriggled out of it.

Ultimately Rex failed to follow up his words with actions, handing Mohamed his alcohol allocation in what analysts are interpreting as an olive branch of reconciliation.

Mohamed said "thank you " in response, but Rex left appalled. He disliked the fact, he claimed, that Mohamed had not said "thank you". His girlfriend Nicole seemed unimpressed.

16/08/2008 00:01:00