In order to avoid basic rations this week Big Brother housemates will have to succeed where countless mad professors have failed by travelling through time.

A luxury food budget is up for grabs if the 11 remaining men and women can complete a series of mini-tasks.

In what is either the most fiendish or laziest task ever set by producers, contestants were given a message from the space year 3049 saying that in week 68 of Big Brother 2007, housemates would fail their weekly task.

Kara-Louise, who had been summoned to the diary room to receive this week's task, told everyone in the living room that her personal time travel experience had been "amazing".

"I travelled through time. I visited space too and saw all the planets," she said.

But, in a Terminator 2-style twist of fate, housemates' destiny is still in their own hands as they have the opportunity to right the impending wrongs and win themselves a bumper shopping basket.

The only catch is that if housemates fail the mini-tasks five or more times then the future will remain unchangeable.

If that all sounds very complicated, then at least Tracey remains upbeat, who upon being told the task details shouted: "Bring on the future!"

05/08/2007 19:14:26