Critics have slammed plans to have a dedicated squad of police officers located at the new Big Brother house in Elstree as a "waste of money".

Officers from Hertfordshire police force, which has already spent some £350,000 investigating complaints about the reality TV show over the last six months, are expected to be stationed at the studio with powers to shut down the live output from the show if things turn sour.

However, critics have slammed the decision to use taxpayers' money to police the BB house.

Councillor Mary Bayes told the Daily Mail: "This is ridiculous and wrong. Police resources are stretched enough.

"Taxpayers shouldn't be footing the bill for investigations caused by Channel 4's incompetence."

Channel 4 has come under fire from all sides following its controversial airing of the infamous race-row incident in January, while allegations have been made that the show's producers refused to hand over tapes of the incident involving SHILPA SHETTY and JADE GOODY to police.

BIG BROTHER 8 is due to begin this week, although TV watchDOGS have ordered the show to air apologies for the race row before the series starts.

29/05/2007 11:31:03