Flamboyant OUTKAST singer ANDRE 3000 is desperate to make his name as a movie star, so he can escape the "draining" music industry.

The HEY YA! star plans to pursue an alternative career in cinema once the contract tying him to bandmate Big Boi ends, and Andre insists that time can't come soon enough - because he's sick of making music.

Andre 3000 - real name ANDRE BENJAMIN - says, "We've got two more Outkast albums to go with our record label and then we're out of our contract.

"I'm over music. It's draining. I think I'll just get really deep into film and grow a beard so people won't know who I am.

"Then I'll go away. I'll go away and do something else."

The singer is also perturbed by the eager reaction of some of the group's fans.

He explains, "It just scares me when people scream. That's terrible.

"'Cos I'm sitting there and what am I supposed to do? It's embarrassing."

08/04/2004 02:32