Rapper Big Boi and singer Keri Hilson surprised high school students in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday (21Oct10) by dropping in to encourage them to work hard for top grades.
The pair spoke to over 1,000 teens as part of the Get Schooled National Challenge and Tour, and Outkast star Big Boi revealed he once had ambitions to be a child psychologist before hitting the big time.
He told the thrilled students, "Before I started doing music, I was actually going to school to study child psychology, but, when I was in 11th grade, we went platinum. But I still finished and graduated with honors…you need that."
Hilson also chatted with the kids about their studies and the importance of finishing high school - regaling her young fans with memories from her own school days.
She explained, "I juggled a lot in high school. I had to learn balance. I had to learn to prioritise my time. I think that is the key to making it through high school in life in general, is knowing what's important. Attacking that and executing everything."