Rapper Big Boi will never forget the first time he took his driving test - because he would have passed with a perfect score if he had remembered to wear his seatbelt.
The Outkast star reveals he was sweating with nerves when he took the wheel as a teen to gain his driver's licence because he feared his parking skills would let him down.
But it wasn't his technique which cost him his permit - it was his failure to buckle up.
In an appearance on MTV's When I Was 17 show, he says, "When I was 17 years old, I went to go (take) my driver's licence test.
"I was so worried about trying to parallel park. I was always trying to slide this way, slide that way.
"I'm so nervous about that, I get in the car, I'm driving and the man's like, 'Well, you did great and everything, you can parallel park, but you didn't put on your seatbelt, so you failed.' I was like, 'Damn!'"