Big Boi's pitbull business has some high-end clients - he's bred dogs for stars including 50 Cent and Usher.
The Outkast rapper is a registered pitbull breeder in the U.S. and keeps up to 60 of the ferocious-looking animals at his ranch.
Now he's revealed he has supplied dogs to several celebrity pals and sport stars, including tennis ace Serena Williams - and he's adamant pitbulls are "sweet" and do not deserve their reputation as killers.
He tells NME magazine, "(I've bred dogs) for Usher, 50 Cent, Serena Williams, a lot of basketball players... I've got a ranch, maybe 50 or 60 dogs. It's a family-run thing. We've been doing it since my grandfather. The pitbull gets a bad rep (reputation), but they're the sweetest things."