The Georgia rap icons have been mulling over a project together for years, and Outkast star Big Boi tells Spin magazine in a new interview that their plans are finally coming to fruition.

"Me and Killer Mike, we're gonna put out a little EP after I put out my next solo record or something like that," he revealed. "We've been entertaining the idea for a long time and finally got enough songs to where we just said the other night that we're gonna do it."

Big Boi went on to praise the Run the Jewels rapper's work motivation, continuing, "Wait until you hear this new s**t. Killer Mike is busy as hell. I mean, he'll come straight from the airport and go into the studio and bust on two or three records and come back again the next day. We’re just trying to put as many ideas out there as possible."

The two musicians have known each other for decades after meeting as students at Atlanta's Morehouse College in the mid 1990s. Killer Mike made his rap debut as a featured artist on Outkast's Stankonia track Snappin' & Trappin', and continued to work with the duo for years.

Meanwhile, Big Boi has also appeared on Mike's albums, with guest spots on tracks such as A.D.I.D.A.S. and My Chrome.