Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro have slammed their former record label for releasing a 'new' album compiled entirely from the band's early singles. The group claim bosses at their old label Beggars Banquet have been threatening the move for a long time, and, after failing to stop the planned project, the members are desperately trying to distance themselves from the release. And they want to make sure their fans know the songs - including tracks from the group's debut LP Blackened Sky, 2003's The Vertigo Of Bliss and 2004's Infinity Land - were never intended for official release. A statement posted on Biffy Clyro's official website reads: "Whilst the band are very proud of all their records, its obviously not ideal for those songs to be taken out of context and released as an album unto themselves. "So the band chose not to be involved with this release, beyond requesting that they not attempt to 'sequence' a tracklist, or create a 'new' album or, god forbid, a 'greatest hits'." The Folding Stars rockers are now signed to the label 14th Floor.