Biffy Clyro's next album will feature beatboxing, ''black metal pop'' and ''stoner-reggae''.

The 'Mountains' rockers are excited about going into the recording studio to start work on the eclectic new record, and frontman Simon Neil says he loves to ''surprise'' himself and their fans.

He said: ''I've written about 14 songs, we probably won't start recording properly until next year, but I'm really f***ing excited about it at the moment.

''I don't want people to think the whole album will sound like this, but I've written my first ever beatbox song, and I've written a black metal pop song which I can't wait for people to hear. There's also some cool stoner-reggae s**t going on, believe it or not.

''We're still looking to do new things and surprise ourselves. It's really exciting.''

The group will headline T in the Park this year - their tenth appearance at the event - and are amazed at how far they've come since their first appearance, which saw them land a record deal afterwards.

Simon told NME magazine: ''T in the Park is kind of like home for our band, and it's where we've cut our teeth at every level.

''It was the first place where we played a big stage, it was the first place we played to 10,000 people, throughout the life of this band it's been a marker for us.

''So it feels poetic we're going to be headlining it, in our 15th year.''