Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro wrecked the stage at New York's CMJ music festival (18Oct07) - after the band's set was cut short by organisers. The group was asked to stop playing after two songs so headliners Datarock could perform, but frontman Simon Neil hit back by breaking the set's microphones and refusing to leave the stage. Neil says, "All the other bands played for about half an hour and we got pulled off after about one song basically. So we kept playing and there were people coming onstage trying to unplug our gear, so I had a bit of a meltdown and I grabbed everything I could get my hands on - I took all the microphones and threw them as hard as I could against the back wall." The rocker blames the incident on the incompetence of the event's organisers. He adds, "They (the organisers) should have cut every band's set by one song, including ours, then everyone would have played twenty minutes which would have been cool. But the fact that they tried to punish us and tried to switch the music on when we were playing and tried to unplug our gear, we found that completely unacceptable. "I would never intend to throw a mic and hurt someone who was at a gig. I was just really pissed off that we were being told that we couldn't play our music. I feel terrible about it because I wouldn't have wanted to hurt anyone. "We just wanted to do what we were out there to do and we certainly weren't going to New York to play two songs. We haven't devoted our entire lives to this to be told that."