The Scottish rock band have forged a successful career with hits like Mountains and Many of Horror, and are currently gearing up to release their seventh album, Ellipsis, out on Friday (08Jul16).

Debut single Wolves of Winter has already made waves since its release in March (16), and on Monday (04Jul16) the band unveiled second single, Flammable. But with the group's fame has come constant attention, especially for lead singer Simon, who previously admitted to suffering breakdowns due to the pressure of juggling music and his personal life.

"Because there's more attention on Simon when it comes to things like photographs and interviews, there is a little bit of guilt sometimes where we wish we could do more, but we understand that maybe people don't want to talk to the bass player," James shrugged to Kerrang! magazine. "It just makes me think, 'Well, what I can do elsewhere?'"

Simon explains that when he's caught up in interviews or writing songs, Ben and James ensure their recording equipment is the best it can be, as each task is vital to their group mentality.

As frontman Simon points out: "Everything only works because each of us is moving a part. If one of us were to stop moving, then it would have a knock-on effect."

Speaking to Rolling Stone Australia recently about their upcoming seventh studio album, Simon admitted that while he's confident it's good, he's unsure of how fans will react to the new material.

"I'm sure some of our fans will think this is our worst record and some will think it's our best," he told the publication. "I believe it to be our best... I genuinely think we're still unearthing what we can do as a band, and once we fully materialise what's in our mind I think it's going to be even more exciting."