Biffy Clyro showcased a new song on Wednesday (November 12th), as part of their Mencap Little Noise Session in London.

However, the band refrained from giving away the title of the song, GOD AND SATAN, given the venue they were playing in.

Supported by FRIENDLY FIRES and FRANK TURNER, the Scottish rockers were the latest outfit to play the series of acoustic charity shows Islington's Union Chapel.

Frontman Simon Neil told the NME the band were being careful about the title in the religious setting.

"There's another one that we're not even going to play because the lyrics are even more 'edgy'. Too edgy for a chapel!" he said.

"So I'm not going to announce it later. I can't say that, because it'll just be too much. I'll sing about it though."

Last year's Little Noise session saw the band perform acapella from the pulpit, but this time around they made use of a full-band acoustic set-up.

14/11/2008 11:25:10