The ex-wife of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger tweeted a link to what she described as a “list of U.K. Members of (British) Parliament (MPs) who voted for (the) #Iraqwar" on Tuesday morning (12Jul16). The list was hosted on website Metapedia, which contains far-right, white supremacist, antisemitic and neo-Nazi points of view.

The list included notes alongside MPs’ names such as “Jew”, “Jewess”, "negro" and one MP Chris Bryant was described as “Infamous homosexual exhibitionist" who "brags about loving 'rimming' and 'fisting'" (sexual acts).

Jagger, a self-confessed supporter of U.K. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, invited her followers on Twitter to “read it (the list) carefully, understand why they want @jeremycorbyn out.” The link was also shared on the Facebook page of Jagger’s human rights activist foundation.

Twitter users lined up to condemn the post, and Bryant was among those who led calls for Jagger to apologise.

"You should delete and apologise for this list describing people as 'Jews' and 'homosexuals'", Bryant demanded in a tweet to the 71-year-old.

Alastair Campbell, former head of communications to British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Labour government, tweeted Jagger to ask, “Are we to weigh up ‘Jew,’ ‘married to Jew,’ ‘negro,’ ‘openly homosexual,’ in this careful reading/understanding?”

Bianca apologised after getting wind of the online furore and deleted both the tweet and the Facebook post.

“I’m terribly sorry for posting a despicable tweet by mistake, I posted it at 4.15 in the morning and didn’t properly read its content," she explained.

“I’m mortified, I thought it was a list of members of Parliament who voted against the war in Iraq. You all know I am against racism, bigotry,” she continued. “I didn't carefully read the content of the website, I thought it was a straightforward list, not a racist, homophobic and disgusting list.”