Shabby is up for nomination again - along with Govan, Ben and Dave.

The 24-year-old squatter will face the public vote for the second time this Friday (25.06.10), along with volunteer Govan, posh Ben and Christian minister Dave.

However, one member of the foursome will manage to escape the public vote by winning tomorrow's special challenge - like Dave did last week.

Last week the reformed religious man won the Save and Replace task, which meant he could swap with one of his other housemates.

He chose Beyonce Knowles lookalike Rachael to be up for elimination instead, and she was the first contestant to get the boot last week.

A new version of the task is expected to take place tomorrow, with the four nominees battling it out to save themselves.

Meanwhile, Ben thinks his row with Shabby has caused him to "plummet" in popularity in the 'Big Brother' house.

The posh Londoner admits his row with the 24-year-old squatter last night (20.06.10) could have made him an obvious choice to housemates to select during nominations.

He told Mario: "I started off being reasonably popular but I've plummeted to such an extent.

"I was sitting there; Sunshine didn't even acknowledge me... Nathan can't look me in the eye.

"I am going through a really rough time. I feel isolated and I feel alone."