Beyonce Knowles is set for a quiet New Year's Eve - she hates partying in public because people recognise her.
The Crazy In Love hitmaker insists fame makes her feel uncomfortable at social gatherings, as so many other guests stare at her.
But the star has fond memories of certain showbiz bashes - especially when she received an invite from her idol Whitney Houston when her former group Destiny's Child was first starting out.
Knowles says, "I don't really go out much. If I wasn't a celebrity then I don't know how I would feel, but it's not that much fun for me - it feels like I'm in a cage and everyone is watching.
"Whitney Houston had a birthday party years ago. She sent the girls in Destiny's Child personal invitations. We didn't even know she knew us, so we were ecstatic. We put our money together and flew to New York, dressed up and went to the party and we met her. She was such a beautiful person, it was an unforgettable moment."