Beyonce Knowles has discovered how to keep the peace with her manager/father MATTHEW KNOWLES - they've banned business-talk over the dinner table.
The 27-year-old singer has been advised by her dear dad since before her rise to fame with pop group Destiny's Child - formed in 1990.
And she admits it's taken time and patience on both ends to find balance in their relationship.
She says, "My father and I had a tougher time years ago. But there's been a gradual transition, a power struggle. I've never had a problem standing up to my father when it's come to my business. He taught me the importance of business...
"It's difficult because I started out young. And when I was 21, I was still the baby to him. So we'd fight. But after a few years of that, it got better, and now we have rules. Like, when we're having family functions like Christmas or birthdays, we're not allowed to talk about business."