Beyonce Knowles' father MATTHEW has challenged American Idol judge Simon Cowell to a duel which will see the pair battle to create the hottest new female singer/group. Knowles is still smarting about comments Brit Cowell made about his chart-topping daughter last year (05). Acid-tongued Cowell described Beyonce as "not sexy" and "not a great singer". The American, who is his daughter's manager and put together Destiny's Child, made the challenge backstage during the live taping of Tuesday's (28FEB06) American Idol show after hearing another of Cowell's criticisms. Finalist Paris Bennett received rave reviews from judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul for her rendition of Beyonce's song WORK IT OUT, but Cowell was less than impressed. He said, "I am sorry to put a damper on everything... You know what it reminded me of? It's like a little girl pretending to be Beyonce. Whoopee." Knowles fired back telling the New York Daily News, "I challenge him to put together a female group or female solo artist, and I will do the same, and then let the audience decide which is better. "It is even more clear to me that Simon wouldn't know a hit song, image or talent if it hit him in the face."