Beyonce Knowles' manager/father MATHEW KNOWLES has laughed off reports his three-year-old grandson is to become the family's latest star. Singer Solange Knowles' young son Daniel Julez has been part of rumoured negotiations for a new TV show on the Nickelodeon network - but his grandfather insists the reports are untrue. He says, "Although there have been several discussions with Nickelodeon and (my company) Music World Kids... there has been absolutely no conversation regarding my grandson, Julez, and no plans to discuss Julez in entertainment in the near future. "When my grandson is old enough to decide what his passion is in life, we will support his dreams wholeheartedly, but it has to be his dreams." Meanwhile, Mathew Knowles admits a TV venture featuring a toy range he and Solange created and developed last year (07) is on the slate. He says, "(There's an) announcement coming soon with an existing Nickelodeon franchise."