Beyonce Knowles and Alicia Keys are reportedly on bad terms on their current LADIES FIRST TOUR - because both are grappling for star billing.

The DESTINY'S CHILD star is apparently furious many critics have said Keys "steals the show", whilst Alicia is reportedly unhappy that Beyonce features far more prominently on the promotional posters for the extravaganza.

A source tells Britain's HEAT magazine, "There's barely a word exchanged between the two of them and their entourages are purposely kept separate.

"Beyonce is the tour headliner and Alicia feels as if she's being treated like a second class citizen."

The source adds the disputes between the pop pair have got increasingly petty: "One argument between the two camps was whose bus was going to be closer to the back stage door, a distance of 40 feet at most."

28/04/2004 13:38