Beyonce Knowles is so determined to make sure Destiny's Child return without a hitch, fellow members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams "barely have a say in anything".

The Survivor trio are finding it difficult working together again, following an extended break in which Knowles became a solo superstar.

And Rowland and Williams have reportedly fallen out with Knowles, because she insists on being in control.

A source tells British newspaper the DAILY RECORD, "Beyonce has taken the lead in pulling everyone together, but Kelly and Michelle think she's taken things a little too far since they started preparation for the tour.

"They barely have a say in anything and there's been more than a few spats between the three of them.

"They're finding it hard to rediscover the old magic, but Beyonce is determined they are going to come back better than ever."

29/08/2004 10:50