The housemates are having a hard time with the rehearsals for their Beyonce music video task.

After dressing up in leotards and donning wigs, David, Sophie and Siavash started to learn the routine to recreate the video for Beyonce Knowles' hit 'Single Ladies'.

While bald chain smoker Lisa groaned her way through the lyrics to guide them, the slightly-puzzled trio did their best to recreate the complicated routine in the video.

Sophie asked Siavash: "Don't we both stand with our a***s to him?"

Siavash told lead dancer David: "Yeah, and you do that sexy stuff" - while waving a dismissive hand at David.

After viewing their efforts, Lisa told them: "No one's going to look at Beyonce in the same light again after this."

Sophie then turned her attentions to David's wig asking him: "What have you done to the fringe?"

The camp clothes sorter replied: "Who are you talking to girl? The name's Beyonce - that's b***h to you," while flicking his wig at her.

Lisa told him he looked like Marcus.

During the rehearsals Charlie - who is upset he couldn't assume the role of Beyonce or choreographer for the task - looked on, seething with contempt for his housemates.