Gareth Pugh looks for the "polar opposites" when it comes to his creations.

The designer - who counts Beyonce Knowles among his fans - likes to have strong contrasts in his clothes and it has now become one of his trademarks.

He said: "There are things that always run through my work, whether it's black and white, masculine and feminine or good and bad or hard and soft. It's kind of that constant search for those two polar opposites to exist within one thing."

Gareth - who has teamed up with BlackBerry and, to appear in one of a three-part series of short films, 'Visionaries', which highlight The Influence and importance of fashion on modern culture - also revealed how he gets inspiration for his designs from all different places.

It's a difficult thing to try and describe how you find inspiration and what you're inspired by. It's very much about an instinct and I need to feel like it means something to me rather than just being clothes."

Speaking about the reasons he believes film is so instrumental in The Fashion industry, Gareth said: "With fashion film everyone can see it on YouTube, it is much more exposing and you can communicate what you want."

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