Gabriella Cilmi claims her sexy image change is down to personal choice.

The Australian singer - who posed in the video for her new single 'Woman on a Mission' in a number of revealing outfits all with the theme of outer space - says she changed her style in order to "celebrate" her best assets while still having fun.

She said: "I guess there is pressure for chicks to look a certain way, but I've never done anything I'm not comfortable with. I guess I've changed to celebrate my body."

The 18-year-old singer claimed the perfect pop star is someone who writes their own songs and steps into character to "become larger than life," which is why underwent a radical transformation to be a sexy dancer in the promotional video for 'Woman on a Mission'.

She said: "I wanted to have a superhero theme. It is aggressive but it's really fun to play live, it has a lot of energy. It's kind of weird because I've never done a dance routine in my life but I'm up for it. I'm never going to be like Beyonce Knowles, but you know...."