Famed for her well-choreographed dance routines on stage, Beyonce appeared to be going a little over the top as she threw herself into the mosh pit during her husband Jay Z's gig at the Hackney Weekend festival on Saturday (June 23, 2012).
Protected by her entourage and half disguised in a dark hoody, Beyonce appeared to go absolutely mental as Jay-Z began the appropriate countdown for the climax of his song 'N*ggas in Paris'. In a YouTube video posted on The UK's Mirror's website, the singer appears to get completely swamped by the crowd.
This is not the first time the 30-year-old has busted some moves at a concert. At a recent Coldplay gig in Manchester, where the musical couple attended to show support for Rita Ora, the pair seemed to have too much fun - with Beyonce flailing her golden curls about like Ozzy Osbourne as the rock band performed 'Fix You'. She leant on two men (one of which was Jay-Z) as she was head-banging and occasionally waving her arms about in the not so professional way we are all used to. Despite the award-winning popstar's massive influence internationally, we're not sure that her recent moshing phase will be something people are likely to take on as a trend this time.