Beyonce Knowles was badly affected when her original Destiny's Child bandmates tried to sack her father Mathew Knowles as manager - so she took to her bed in trauma.

The SAY MY NAME hitmaker's group - originally consisting of Beyonce and pals Letoya Luckett and LATAVIA ROBERTSON - came to an acrimonious end in 1999, despite the solo star's torment.

Cousin Kelly Rowland, who is now in the three-piece with Beyonce and Michelle Williams, explains of the time, "I was thinking about it the other day and I got teary-eyed. It hit Beyonce so hard, because we were friends first and in a group second.

"Beyonce is so loyal and what happened hurt her - it was so wrong and so disloyal. Before, she thought everybody thought as she did and, because she wouldn't hurt anybody, nobody would hut her.

"She wouldn't get out of bed. I stayed by her side, but she wouldn't leave. Ooh, that was a hard period, but through adversity comes strength. It made her stronger, more aware."

03/08/2003 21:07