LATEST: Beyonce Knowles' plans to reunite with her Destiny's Child bandmates have taken another blow - she won't have time to return to the studio with them until this autumn (04).

Beyonce was hoping to record a new Destiny's Child album this spring (04), but those plans were moved to the summer (04) after she agreed to tour with Missy Elliott and Alicia Keys, and now she has confirmed she'll be filming THE PINK PANTHER in New York and Paris, France, once her tour is over.

After weeks of speculation, the busy singer/actress has confirmed she'll play INSPECTOR JACQUES CLOUSEAU's lover opposite Steve Martin in the remake.

Beyonce will play a pop star named XANIA, whose boyfriend is the owner of the infamous Pink Panther diamond. When he is found dead and the diamond turns up missing, she becomes a suspect.

The movie will also feature Kevin Kline and French movie star Jean Reno.

26/03/2004 09:27