Sexy singer Beyonce Knowles had better watch her back - chart rival BLU CANTRELL wants her rapper boyfriend Jay-Z.

BREATHE singer Blu admits on the DVD to accompany her second album BITTERSWEET she has a great admiration for the ROC-A-FELLA rapper.

She coos, "Just for the record I have a major crush on Jay-Z. I have a really big crush on him, I'll tell you that much. He's such a honey. He's just a doll baby. I don't care who he is dating - I've always had a crush on him."

Blu adds of rumours she and the New York native already had a sexual relationship in the past, "All I know is that we've hung out a couple of times and that we're friends and that's it. People saw us in public and just assumed."

She's also aware CRAZY IN LOVE singer Beyonce's romance with the BIG PIMPIN' rapper is more than just a fling; "I think they're in love, I really do think they're in love."

But Blu insists the pair's romantic bond wouldn't put her off if the rapper ever propositioned her.

She admits, "I wouldn't turn it down, let's just put it that way!"

02/09/2003 21:25