R+B star Beyonce Knowles' new perfume True Star Gold represents her on-stage alter-ego Sasha.

The former Destiny's Child bandmember, 24, launched True Star fragrance with Tommy Hilfiger in September 2004, and after huge sales, the pair have launched a second scent this month (DEC05), which represents Knowles' second personality.

Knowles says, "I had True Star originally. And it was a reflection of my true self, of Beyonce. It was really private, and not overbearing.

"True Star Gold - Gold is my favourite colour, and it, basically, is a reflection of Sasha, who is my personality on the stage. It's more sexy. It's more outgoing. It's the type of fragrance you would wear if you had a hot date or you're going out, having a Sex And The City night with your girlfriends."