Beyonce Knowles had to audition to play diva DEENA in new movie musical DREAM GIRLS because director Bill Condon was convinced she wasn't right for the role.

The former DESTINY'S CHILD star has been a longterm fan of the musical, and when she heard it was heading to the big screen, she determined to play the lead.

She says, "Bill Condon wasn't sure if I could play the part. I had to audition for the part and prove myself and after he saw it he was like, 'OK she's Deena.'

"I am a singer and this part gives me a chance to act. There are very dramatic scenes that have nothing to do with music and there are all these different colours.

"Deena starts out at 16 with no make-up, bushy eyebrows, a crazy wig, and grows up and butterflies into a diva. It's great to play someone with range and with different colours and I think people can definitely see that I can do it.

"I'm so happy and excited that I'm finally able to challenge myself and even learn what I can do myself."