Beyonce 's baby's godmother is not Oprah Winfrey, it was revealed at the end of last week, with the true identity of BLUE IVY CARTER's god parents now unclear - if Knowles and father Jay Z have indeed even picked any yet. There had been several rumours circulating last week that the famed chat show host had accepted the position to be Blue's godmother; she's known to be good friends with the new parents and they'd reportedly been keen to give the roles to those not related by blood.

However, CBS news reports that the host of their show 'This Morning,' and close friend of Winfrey, Gayle King flatly denied the rumours, stating at the end of last week that "It's absolutely not true that she's the godmother." Continuing, King said "She's friends with them, of course, and likes them both very much. She's working on sending them a baby gift. She hasn't even had time to send a baby gift because she's been away." King added "Let me just say, if (that report is) true, it is news to her. It is news to her. You know, she was heading to South Africa when the baby was born."

Of course without any official word from Beyonce or JAY-Z this week, King's proclamations also merely add to the massive speculation surrounding the early stages of Blue's life. It's been quite a busy few opening weeks on earth for the baby who was only born on January 7th, appearing on her father's song 'Glory' after less than a week of being alive, and receiving well wishers from the world over from Kelly Rowland to GWYNETH PALTROW.