Beyonce Knowles has fallen fowl of animal rights charity PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) - because of her love of fur.

In an open letter to the CRAZY IN LOVE singer in the new Billboard magazine, PETA Vice-President DAN MATTHEWS questions the pop star's love of GOD if she's willing to wear fur.

He writes, "Beyonce prides herself on being a good Christian girl, but surely JESUS would not condone the anal and genital electrocution commonly used to kill animals for their pelts."

Matthews adds, "Destiny's 'Problem' Child has ignored repeated calls and letters about her frequent appearances in pelts.

"Your many fans at PETA are saddened that you've ignored repeated appeals calling your attention to the way minks, foxes, and

chinchillas are gassed, strangled, and electrocuted on fur farms for your wardrobe."

The letter goes on to describe how JASMINE, a pet spaniel, wandered into a trap set by a Wisconsin fur trapper and struggled to free herself, only to die later in her young guardian's arms.

Matthews adds, "PETA hopes that the sad story of a beloved family dog will help to change Beyonce's mind about wearing

real fur.

"Every person who wears fur has the blood of cats and dogs - people's family pets - on their hands."

09/04/2004 19:40