Beyonce Knowles is upping her security after an avid fan managed to deceive agents and land a face-to-face interview with her.

The DESTINY'S CHILD star knew something was amiss when the young man - who had convinced her handlers he was a presenter on a TV show - seemed terrified when he saw her in the flesh.

She says, "He pretended to be a VJ on a local station in America and he did this fake interview with his friend to convince my people he was who he said he was.

"We were wondering why he looked so nervous and strange, and then he told us, 'I'm really not a VJ. I just wanted to meet you.'

"I was like, 'That is crazy.' He called our label, he called our management, he went through all of that, and no one picked up the fact that he was bogus. He was smart."

28/08/2003 08:56