R+B superstar Beyonce Knowles is a self-confessed schizophrenic who constantly has to battle an inner diva she calls Sasha.

Just like Mariah Carey admitted to having a bitchy British alter ego - who actually appeared in her videos - Beyonce feels there are times in her life when her other character takes over.

But so far, she has been able to limit Sasha to appearing through her on stage only.

She reveals, "I become a complete diva. I have a funny voice that I put on. It's my little diva personality, Sasha.

"I know I have this power, confidence, sexiness and strength that I still have offstage, but it's different.

"Offstage, I'm a person who believes in principles and I treat people like I want to be treated."

02/10/2003 09:16