Beyonce Knowles decided to hold auditions for the dancers in her new video because she gets inspired by fresh-faced talent.

The DESTINY'S CHILD star has auditioned more than 800 dancers after deciding to use amateurs to make up her latest dance troupe.

She says, "I feel there are so many hungry, talented people, new faces that haven't gotten the opportunity. The new excitement and hunger is refreshing to me and something that is necessary for me to be around, because it keeps me hungry. And it keeps me excited about my life and my blessings."

Beyonce and her choreographers were particularly taken with 18 year-old triplets MELISSA, AMANDA and ALISON BORDIN, who travelled from Boston, Massachusetts, for the Hollywood auditions.

And the SAY MY NAME singer says she is looking for dancers with a magical spark.

She adds, "I don't want any divas on the road. I don't want anybody who's going to cause any drama. I just need somebody who's happy to dance and happy with the opportunity, like me."

The 20 dancers the singer will use in upcoming videos and performances, including upcoming promo DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE, will be notified this week (ends09MAY03).

08/05/2003 09:38