Beyonce Knowles banned her dad from the set of her Crazy In Love video - because she feared they would both be horribly embarrassed if he watched her sexy antics.

Mathew Knowles, who is the driving force behind the BOOTYLICIOUS babe's career, stayed well away from proceedings on the raunchy set, where his daughter cosied up to real-life love Jay-Z.

But Beyonce insists that, despite the awkward situation, her father fully supports her new ''grown-up' image.

She laughs, "I'm an adult now. My father knows as everybody else does, that I'm bound to grow up.

"I must admit, he wasn't on set when we were shooting the clip of Jay-Z and I for Crazy In Love, and it was so much better that way. Dad had a hard time viewing it. The first time he saw it, I was so nervous. I couldn't look at him, I didn't dare."

09/10/2003 13:53