Superstar singer Beyonce Knowles is creating her own clothing range, because she struggles to find outfits to fit her curvy bottom.

The Destiny's Child babe says she's been driven to go into business with her stylist mother TINA, because there aren't enough clothing choices for women with a fuller figure.

Beyonce, 22, says, "It is hard to find something that fits me. Most clothes are made for models. But not for people that have a bum."

Beyonce's bum was a bone of contention at last week's (6NOV03) MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS in Edinburgh, Scotland, after the curvaceous star reportedly told camera crews to steer clear of her bottom.

A source reveals, "Beyonce knew the moment she stepped on stage her bum would become the centre of attention.

"Her music is very important to her and she get frustrated when she is considered more of a sex symbol than an artist.

"Her management had a word with the production crew and they agreed to move the cameras so they weren't focused solely on her bum."

12/11/2003 17:36