Beyonce Knowles's parents have to work hard at topping the next Christmas gift they get for their superstar daughter, after handing her a brand new car last Yuletide season.

The 22-year-old Destiny's Child frontwoman still reminisces about the day MATHEW and TINA KNOWLES surprised her with the expensive gift.

She says, "They had me come by their house and then told me a lot of stuff that fans had left for me was outside in the driveway. And they're like, 'Beyonce, go get it.'

"So I opened the door and my mom and dad are pushing me out. And they started screaming, and I'm like, 'What are you all doing?' What is wrong with you?' And then I saw a brand new car with a bow on it in the driveway. My dad got it for me for Christmas, the car I've always wanted.

"I still can't even talk about it without getting emotional, because it was just so nice. That for me is a special moment."

25/09/2003 09:17