R+B divas Beyonce Knowles and Janet Jackson are battling it out - over who stands where at a magazine photoshoot.

According to reports, Beyonce only agreed to appear on the front cover of American magazine ESSENCE with chart rivals Mary J Blige and Jackson, if she could stand in the middle.

But bosses at the mag are apparently steeling themselves to tell the Destiny's Child babe they have already promised the best spot to 37-year-old Jackson.

A source explains, "Beyonce may have got her way in DESTINY'S CHILD but this is different. It's going to be hard to keep everyone and their entourages happy.

"Beyonce is the hottest thing in music right now - she has four Grammy nominations, number ones all over the globe and wants to take centre stage.

"But as far as Janet is concerned, it's a case of 'been there, done that'."

The pair are also due to meet at next month's (FEB04) American Football SUPERBOWL, when Beyonce will sing the national anthem and Janet will headline the half-time entertainment.

16/01/2004 12:53