Seemingly angelic pop sensation Beyonce Knowles has her fair share of bad points - but thinks her worst failing is her early morning sarcasm.

The religious singer is popularly conceived as one of the cleanest-cut musical stars despite her supposed relationship with bad boy rapper JAY-Z - but Beyonce is keen to point out she does have her negative qualities.

She protests, "Do I make mistakes? Yes. Do I get angry? Yes. Do I get mad? Yes. Am I a human being? Yes. Am I professional? Yes. Do I love what I do? Yes. Is it important for me to be a good person? Yes.

"You want me to give some dirt on myself, let's see. In the morning I am a little sarcastic and I'm a little shy. Oh, and I ask a lot of questions which can be very irritating. I analyse everything, which gets on my mum's nerves."

01/08/2003 17:29